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We seem to be asked the same question all the time.  How do you guys plan to make any money at this when you're giving it away?  Well, in a way, we don't.  Okay, now that you've rubbed your eyes and re-read that, and hopefully the very idea of a web site not for the sole purpose of making money hasn't given you an aneurysm, let me clarify.  We do plan to make some money from this, but not off the game itself.  The game always has been and always will be free.  Sure, we printed some books for those who would rather have a nice hard copy, and we will sell those, but you won't ever need the book.  Everything you need is here on this website.  Yes, we're going to sell Bag O' Map and some of our own miniatures and we're working on a deal to resell some micro armor, but you won't ever need to buy any of that stuff to play the game.

So, why are we doing all this?  What's the point of all this effort for so little return?  We've said it before and we'll say it again: We're gamers.  We love gaming.  We want to help gaming, and wargaming in particular, to expand as much as possible.  We're sick and tired of other game companies who force you to buy $500 worth of miniatures only to retire half of them a year later, leaving you with $250 worth of useless lead.

We're in this for the love of the game.  And not just our game, but gaming in general.  If you read our instructions on how to make a map, and then download our counters and use all of it for some other game, great!  More power to you!  We feel that as players you should not need to spend thousands of dollars to wargame.  All the tips and tricks, the advice, the counters, everything here is designed to let you get the most out of gaming with the least amount of financial output.  That's what we're all about.  Of course, we also think we've got the best game on the market, and for the money, no one can argue!

We're just sick of the status quo in the miniatures gaming industry and where we see it going.  We as players wanted an alternative, and when we could not find one, we made one.  The fruits of our labors are yours to enjoy.

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