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There are currently three different rules sets for the Shellshock Combat System.

The Basic Rules are designed for beginning players. While most of the rules are the same, the Basic Rules have smaller equipment manifests and a simpler damage system. It is recommended that new players start with the Basic game.

The Advanced Rules are what we usually like to play with. This version has the most realism and, in our opinion, is more fun to play. It does, however take longer than a Basic game, and can be quite intimidating for new players, which is why you will usually see us running a Basic game at conventions.

The Blitzkrieg Rules are an even more streamlined rules set that is currently only available for World War Two. This version is good for a quick pick-up game and we run it at conventions quite a bit.

Note that this is a "living game" and as such, the rules can and probably will evolve. Always check the Rule Revision Levels to ensure you are using the latest rule set.

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