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Note: This is currently a little out of date. It has not been revised in the 6 years we've been running, as most of it has not changed. We have no intention of changing it now, however, some of it is a little dated. (Talking about doing things we've already done, for example...) We will re-write it in the near future.

Wow. Where to begin...

We want to do so much.  We are not just offering a game for sale, we are offering a chance for the player to participate in a movement.  You see, we actually tried to give this game away.  We talked to the game companies we loved, and told them they could have this game, if only we could be hired on to develop it, so that the game fulfilled all that we envisioned.  We, of course, were turned down.  Those companies didn't listen to us.

We do not want to make that mistake with you.  We want to create a game universe where you, the player, can actually change the world.  Not just in your own basement or dining room or wherever you play, but the real, sanctioned, official game universe.  We want your pet characters to become part of the lore and history.  We want you to send in your unit designs for official sanction.  Had a great battle?  Tell us about it and it could end up as a news story and filed away as official game history.

Do you see where we're going with this?

We want to create a game where the players can do more than just play.  We are players ourselves.  This time a game that was written by players for players will mean something.  Everything we ever wanted in a game we want to offer to you.  Got an idea for a new weapon or piece of equipment?  Send it in.  If we use it, you will get the credit.

Obviously, we can't officially sanction every idea or submission, but we do garauntee to at least read every idea, and give every submission consideration.

Also, we don't want to gouge you either.  Sure, the whole point of this endeavor is to make enough money to not need a real job.  But we don't want to be dicks about it.

Yes, we plan on marketing our own line of miniatures.  But, unlike other companies, we have no intention of forcing you to use them.  We understand that gaming can be an expensive hobby, especially when miniatures are involved.  We also know many of our players will already have extensive armies of miniatures from other games.  By all means, use them!  As long as all the players involved know what each unit represents, use whatever miniatures you have.  And this goes for tournament play as well.  We have no intention of selling dice or other accessories.  Cardboard hex maps are something we are considering but will not publish unless we have demand for it.  Why?  These are things most of you already own, and we don't want to force you into buying stuff you already have just to make us a little extra cash.

Something else we plan on doing is putting our unit design spreadsheet online for our players to download.  What this means is that you will be able to design a unit and print out a copy that looks as official as the units in the rulebook.  We also plan to put all the record sheets online for download so that you can simply print them out instead of wasting money making photocopies.  This pretty much sinks any chances of us selling a book of unit record sheets, but hey, we're in it for more than the money.  When we said we were offering our players a chance to take part in a movement, we meant it.  Yes, we want to make money at this, but not by charging our players for every little privilege.

Additionally, and this is really shooting ourselves in the foot, we plan on putting the combat rules online as well. Why?  Because we figure, why charge someone $20 for a game they may not like.  If you download the rules and a few unit sheets, you can effectively play for free.  Heck, if you get the unit design spreadsheet, you'll pretty much have the whole game, and won't have paid a dime.  So, how do we expect to sell any copies of the book?  We are idealistic enough to think that if people like the game, they'll buy the book.  Remember the movement we talked about?  It works both ways.  We're giving the players everything, all we would like in return is that if you like the game, you pick up a copy of the book.  Think of it as a shareware wargame, with no nagging.

Finally, the other way we plan on making money is off of unit submissions.  We figure we'll charge a few bucks per unit for official sanction.  Now, you might immediately cry out that this goes against the very nature of what we've said so far, but listen...  If we don't charge something, we will eventually get flooded with units.  While that's not bad, we simply don't have the time to go over endless unit submissions.  What's to stop someone from submitting a thousand units every day?  While we'd like to sanction every unit design, unless this game takes off in a big way, we've both got day jobs that we need to pay the bills.  We just don't have the time to pour over tons of units.  And if we start getting so many units that we have to quit the day jobs just to sanction them all, we'll be able to afford to.

So, what do you think?  Are we revolutionaries or just some idealistic nitwits?

Please feel free to leave us feedback either via the message boards or email.

Thanks for your interest in our game, and we hope to see you again in the future.

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