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Biochem Warriors

Biochem Warriors are soldiers who have been genetically and mechanically enhanced to withstand chemical and biological weapons. This involves, among other things, genetic engineering, nanite inducement, mechanical alterations, as well as mental and physical training.

More specifically, genetic engineering is applied to the immune system to activate anti-bodies for known biologic agents. Certain natural anti-bodies are also given to Biochem Warriors. Depending on the level of resistance needed, various engineered anti-bodies that are normally not found in the human immune system are added to cover some chemical agents, and other biological agents that could not be handled by the human immune system alone. Also, mechanical enhancement includes filters for the nasal passages, as well as throat filters. Protective eye covers are added at the most extreme levels of enhancement. Mechanical enhancement also includes the use of nano-machines specifically designed to target biological and chemical agents that the human body cannot handle, even with genetic engineering. Even though the enhanced body can handle chemical and biologic attacks, some agents can still cause extreme pain. To counter this, all biochem warriors have embedded computer systems that will dampen the pain centers of the brain and release endorphins to allow the soldier to continue fighting in the midst of these agents. This computer is also used to detect the presence of toxic agents and spur the genetically altered immune system to respond. This is necessary because some of the nanites and genetic alterations could be hazardous to the soldier if released in the absence of toxins. Also, the computer is used at Level Three and higher to destroy the body upon the death of the warrior. This is achieved by activating certain nanites and DNA code to break down the cellular structure of the soldier, as well as a self-destruct mechanism inside the computer unit. Within a few minutes of his death, a Biochem Warrior is puddle of goo, leaving behind no trace or evidence of enhancement, preventing the enemy from using his body to gain information about the process.

In order to become a Biochem Warrior, you must be in excellent physical and mental health. The process is undergone at secret facilities and can take up to a year of training to produce one Biochem Warrior. Biochem Warriors are recognized by a biohazard tattoo on the neck.

All Biochem Warriors, once they've run the course, are required to retake basic training. Once basic is over, they then undergo advanced infantry training in chemical and biological weapons, based on their level of modification. After this, they are assigned to a Biochem Warrior unit, and dispatched from there. Biochem Warriors are a separate branch of the military. The soldiers are usually "loaned out" to the other branches, generally to the branch they came from. All Biochem Warriors are given the rank of Lieutenant, although they do not usually have their own units. Some, usually Level Three, end up as assistants to field commanders. Level Five's generally end up in Special Forces and Black Ops units. Level Five soldiers are occasionally given higher ranks, depending on how they are deployed.

Thus far, the Biochem Warrior program is limited to the Rebel forces. You will only find Biochem Warriors among the Free State armies. The UN has a similar program known as the Black Squads, but much less is known about it.

Level One

Game Statistics: 1 / 1 Biological and Chemical Protection

Level One enhancements are the easiest to do. Nanites are not used in Level One soldiers. An absolute minimum of genetic engineering is done at this stage. These soldiers are given antibodies for the most common low-grade agents, and some genetic work is done to help ward off weak chemical attacks. Level One enhancement is for soldiers who opt out of the more risky procedures, and for those whose bodies simply can not handle more advanced treatment. The total time involved about 2 months without complications. It takes two weeks to determine the genetic makeup of the individual, two weeks for treatments, and about four weeks for recovery and observation. The fatality rate for Level One soldiers due to complications is approximately 1.5% in the seven years since the program began.

Level Two

Game Statistics: 2 / 2 Biological and Chemical Protection

Level Two modifications also avoid nanite use. The genetic engineering is a little more aggressive at this stage. Also, nasal and throat implants are added to help filter out more toxic agents. The total time for Level Two enhancement is about 3 months. It takes about three weeks to determine the genetic makeup, three weeks to make modifications, and six weeks of recovery and observation. The fatality rate for Level Two soldiers due to complications is approximately 3.6% in the first seven years.

Level Three

Game Statistics: 3 / 3 Biological and Chemical Protection

Level Three is the most common Biochem modification. Nanites are introduced in Level Three soldiers. Also, the genetic engineering is much more strenuous at this stage than for a Level One or Two warrior. These soldiers can expect 6 months of modifications. It takes four weeks to determine the genetic makeup and tailor the genetic enhancements and nanites. There are six weeks of modifications, followed by fourteen weeks of recovery and observation. The fatality rate is about 1% during the first year and approximately 16% over the first six years.

Level Four

Game Statistics: 4 / 4 Biological and Chemical Protection

Level Four soldiers undergo severe alterations. The mucous membranes of the nose and throat are infused with genetic alterations and nanites to lessen the effect of chemical attacks, and to ward off airborne biological agents. Level Four uses nearly every nanite type produced. All but a few of the most expensive and dangerous are used. It takes about eight months to produce a Level Four warrior. There are six weeks spent analyzing the genetic makeup and adjusting the nanites. It takes about eight weeks to make the modifications, and there are eighteen weeks of recovery and observation. About 2% of Level Four soldiers die during the first year, and approximately 15% have succumbed to complications by the first 5 years.

Level Five

Game Statistics: 5 / 5 Biological and Chemical Protection

Level Five is the granddaddy. All nanites are installed. Every known genetic modification is applied, as are some experimental ones. As well as the mucous membrane protection installed at Level Four, Level Five soldiers have protective eye coverings installed. A Level Five soldier can expect a year of torture and pain. The first two months are easy, as the genetic makeup is tested, and the engineers tweak the nanites and genetics for each individual soldier. The next four months are ever increasing agony as the body is slowly infused with modifications. After all that, there are six months of recovery and observation. There is a 4% fatality rate in the first year, with a 25% fatality rate in the first 5 years. This leads some experts to believe that a Level Three warrior has, at maximum, a fourteen-year lifespan. Of course, this is speculative, as this procedure has only been around for 5 years.

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