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Name:  Glenn V. Domingo

Age:  29

Callsign:  Choirboy

Favorite Computer Game Genres:  Flight Sims, First Person Shooters

Favorite Computer Games:  Quake, Descent(s), Chuck Yeager's Air Combat, SSL Flight Sims

Favorite Tabletop/RPG Games:  Chess, Battletech, Risk, Axis and Allies, AD&D, Star Wars, M:TG, Avalon Hill, Car Wars

Favorite movies:  Blazing Saddles, Star Wars Series, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Aliens, Hudson Hawk, Die Hards, Dune, God Fathers

Favorite Books:  Bible, A Call to Arms, Demons at Rainbow Bridge, Book of Job, Fatherland, Jurassic Park, The Stand, Chronicales of Narnia, Red Wall

Favorite TV Shows:  Simpsons, Kindred, Robotech, Voltron

G A M I N G  H I S T O R Y

I was born in the Philipines, or Flipdum as I call it.  I came to America when I was about 4.  I am one of the most patriotic inividuals you will ever meet.  Because of an unfortunate gimpy leg I was not able to join the armed forces as many of my relatives have.  But I have endeavored to compensate as best I could by being as politically active as I can be.  I am a deeply religious individual.  Born and raised Catholic.  I've been gaming for about as long as I could read.  I "created" a few D&D based games between the ages of 8-11.  I created an Aliens based RPG when I was 14.  A space combat based game at 15.  A Roman galley based miniature game at 16.  And, of course, Shellshock: Attack Condition Alpha.

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