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The dusk air was cool and a light breeze was blowing across the desert. It was still light but the first star was twinkling in the sky.

All of this was lost on the green field commander who was frantically trying to open coms with his command unit.

Field Commander: "Let me speak to the CO now Damnit! Sir , we are out numbered. My formation is 3.5 miles past the way point Echo and we can view an attachment of eight T-72's heading west. They're coming right at us. They have air support and those choppers look like they've seen us and are going to flank... Where the hell did Saddam get Hinds?"

At that moment the three Hinds take a sharp turn North at low level, novicely exposing their huge sides to the Machine guns of the four Abrams. Obviously not Russian pilots.

Field Commander: "EVERYONE! WEAPONS FREE! Take out those choppers. Briggsstil come forward 100 yards and position yourself as point for a left defilade formation and cut off that first T-72. Tim stay focused on the south side of that dune, any following choppers are going to shoot out from right behind there."

All three Hinds explode, followed shortly after by the explosion of three of the T-72's. Before the last remains of the third T-72 settles burning to the ground, the staccato report of .50 caliber machine guns make the rear of the dune fracture into a rain of sand, dust and the flaming remains of a fourth Hind that had jutted out right where the commander's training told him it would appear.

Return fire comes from the T-72's and makes loud crashing thuds against the front hulls of the Abrams. There is a lot of noise, and some dented armor. One Abrams looses a track, but all personnel are fine and accounted for.

Seeing the destruction of their comrades, the remaining 5 T-72's turn to the North east in an attempt to escape, but not before two patrolling Apaches fire off four Hellfires and destroy 3 more T-72's.

Field Commander: "Tim, prepare to pursue! Hello Commander, things are under control over here. Over and out."

Back at the Forward Command Post:

CO to the com officer: "Remind me to make a speech to the troops tonight and tell them to trust in their training and not panic. Oh, and Ben, let's not report that panicked little call, I wouldn't want our officer to miss his chance at getting a medal."

The CO turns and returns the salutes of the soldiers around him. Entering the hallway he heads back to the Officers mess. As he leaves the room the soldiers hear him mutter, "I left the can for that?!?"

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