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News From the front.

There is celebration in the air as world citizens have defeated a task force of rebel units sent to capture or destroy a contingent of United Nations scientists who were checking on the progress of peace project Desert Bloom.

During the fighting it was reported that an entire formation of tanks voluntarily ceased fire to allow what was left of the rebel forces to withdraw peacefully.  In an interview with Col. Anderson he commented, "the men in the field are here to assure the safety of the scientists sent to help this region.  We hope that this gesture of peace will let the rebels understand that we are here to bring life to this barren desert, not death."

Project Dessert Bloom has ceased nearly all starvation in Ethiopia.  The experimental process is going to be evaluated for possible implementation in other trouble spots around the world.  Though Ethiopia is well within Rebel Territory, three years ago Ethiopian leaders allowed 284 United Nations scientists and technicians into the country to help the poverty stricken nation.  With the success of Desert Bloom, at least two factions within the Ethiopian Parliament are urging to send a diplomatic envoy to discuss Ethiopia's further participation in the world peace movement.

This reporter wishes Peace Prosperity and Tranquility to you and the world.

[FROM] Col. Anderson
[TO] Gen. Tompkins
[SUBJECT] Project Baptismal Fount Candidate


We have a situation here.  During our recent probe along the Israeli border we encountered a Gecko pilot of unsurpassed skill.

Eight different people shot at this unit, many more than once, and the pilot managed to evade all but five or six hits.  Even so, he continued to fly and without his weapon system continued to call indirect fire on our units.

The problem arises due to morale issues.  Even though our forces won a clear and decisive victory, most of the troops were sullen and depressed.  Their inability to bring down this helicopter has tainted an otherwise flawless victory.  Some men were heard commenting that it was satan himself at the controls of the Gecko.

As you can see, this problem is out of hand.  We do not need our troops going into battle with this spectre on their minds.

I have sent you camera footage of this unit.  Our spy network is already trying to determine who this pilot is so we can aquire him under Project Baptismal Fount.


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