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No, This is NOT Your Father's Wargame!

This Wargame is the  


  and its fast, exciting, and get this...FUN !!!
(In a sick, twisted metal kind of way)
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I know what you're thinking; "I got into war games because I wanted to control armies and pit my skills against the strategy of other real life, person to person, opponents." I wanted to replay all those strategy maps with the blocks and the arrows...What did all those other games give you...5 million dice rolls, even more combat rules, four or five fighting units, and two people placing their units five inches away from each other and exchanging blows turn after turn, after turn, after turn, nothing really being done, no units being destroyed, positions not really changing, death by slow attrition...until roughly five hours later, one unit limps off or one person gives up and takes a nap on the floor.

Not with ShellShock. You won't have the time to take it easy. Each and every unit on the board has to be placed correctly or it is nothing more than a big shiny target. Units get destroyed in one shot, just like in real life. That tank 88 feet in front of you is only the beginning of your woes. You also have to worry about that chopper coming up your rear. Or the high lobbing shells that are being rained down on your position. Don't forget the infantry battalion that is setting up their TOW missile on the other side of that ridge. Just be glad that air unit with the gun that's bigger than your tank's is too busy wiping out your Commanding Officer's unit and not concerned with you...AT THE MOMENT...Oh yeah, if this were the future, there would be a walker rushing at you with a club the size of a telephone pole.

So you're thinking, "This sounds interesting, but it must take forever to play, right?" (Man...the other gaming companies have brainwashed you good.) Not at all. If you want to quench your blood lust, you're only 15 minutes away from learning the rules. 10 minutes later, you will be dodging bullets, shells and lasers. Shortly after, you will be turning 50 tons of armor, tread and gun, into 30 tons of slag, 20 tons of debris....and 18 quarts of blood.

Sounds kind of vicious doesn't it...That's the point!!! Playing the other wargames you would think that combat is methodical, controlled and predictable. War isn't clean, war isn't romantic, and war isn't precise. Combat is chaos. Combat is intense. SHELLSHOCK IS COMBAT.

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